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Chocolate Whisky Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache (14/16 serve)


Chocolate Whisky Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache (14/16 serve)


The cake that makes a grand entrance. The life of the party. Perfect for any occasion - we know because it's long been our go-to for any celebration. A luscious dark chocolate cake that's doused with a light whisky syrup and finished with a rich dark chocolate ganache. What's more, it's versatile - let us know if you prefer a different liqueur or without alcohol.

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Ingredients: Sugar, flour, FR eggs, canola oil, cocoa, chocolate, cream, vanilla essence, coffee, GF baking powder, baking soda, salt, silver cachous

Our bakery environment contains many potential allergens (egg, dairy, gluten, nuts & seeds). Whilst every care is taken our products may therefore contain traces of these allergens.


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